For over 100 years, the company that is now Fuller Commercial has provided the finest in cleaning and maintenance products and equipment. We provide a full spectrum of products and function as a Single Source Supplier to hundreds of cleaning companies, corporations, government institutions and other organizations. In addition, we continually look for ways to improve the professional cleaning industry, through research and development, strategic acquisitions, professional development for our staff and customers, and advocacy of our profession.

Fuller Commercial Debuts New Website

Working with Fuller Commercial just became easier, thanks to a new website that makes many of the products and services you need just a click away. Our new website is designed to be fast and simple. Product categories are clear and easy to follow. Sections on training and education also make it easy for cleaning professionals to learn more about cleaning challenges and professional development. The site, located at fullercommercial.com is fully responsive so it works with mobile phones and tablets. Fuller Commercial is a division of Fuller Industries, LLC. Fuller Industries LLC, is a 110-year-old company that manufactures floor …Read more

“Category 5” General Recommends Dutch Plus and Sentinel II.

Your best post-flood weapons. Wide-spread flooding is almost always followed by war—a war against filth, bacteria, viruses and disease. That’s when it’s good to get advice from a leader like Lt. General Russel Honoré who is nationally known as the commander of Joint Task Force Katrina as well as other major recovery efforts. General Honoré highly recommends Dutch® Plus and Sentinel®II—two effective weapons in his anti- pathogen arsenal. Dutch® Plus Ready-to-Use Disinfectant Spray Dutch Plus is highly effective against a wide variety of dangerous microorganisms including bacteria, antibiotic resistant bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold and mildew. This one-step germicidal spray disinfectant …Read more

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