Fuller Industries Building

Our History

Founded in 1906 as Fuller Brush Company, Fuller Industries has grown from Alfred Fuller’s sample case to become an international provider of high quality, cost-effective cleaning products for commercial customers. We were founded on and continue to operate under three basic principles:

  1. Design It To Work
  2. Build It To Last
  3. Guarantee It Unconditionally

Our growth and dedication to these ideals over the years has made it possible for Fuller Industries to become accepted as a Single Source Supplier by many companies and institutions worldwide.

Everything learned in over 105 years of product development experience is now incorporated with that of Franklin Cleaning Products, FullPro, Simple Hygiene, and TruMix, as well as our custom products line. No other manufacturer provides as complete a line of premium-quality floor care, carpet care, disinfectant, aerosol, ready-to-use and specialty chemical products as well as equipment and accessories such as mops, brooms and brushes.

Our commercial cleaning brands are sold to consumers through a network of distributors.

We are continually looking for ways to improve our business and build the support we provide to our customers. Research and Development is conducted at Fuller Industries’ 600,000 square foot facility in Great Bend, Kansas. Fuller Industries’ diversified and vertically-integrated operational capabilities combined with enormous volume capacity are focused to support our goal of offering high-quality products in a cost-effective manner.

Our commitment to producing high-quality products and build strong, long-lasting relationships with our distributors is what allowed our company to grow through its first century, and what will allow us to thrive as we move forward into the next one.

  • Founded in 1906 by Alfred Fuller