Pink Pot & Pan Detergent

Pink Pot & Pan Detergent is specially formulated to cut through tough grease, baked on food and stains on pots, pans and other dishes. Neutral pH formula provides long-lasting suds and is gentle on hands and skin. Rinses free and leaves no streaks or film residue.

F216522 – 4/1 gal.

Use Information

Always dispose of gross soils from pots and pans prior to cleaning. Add Pink Pot & Pan Detergent to clean sink first, then let water flow onto it.

Product Specifications

pH –  7.0 ± .05

Appearance – Pink Viscous Liquid

Fragrance – Citrus

Freezing Point –  About 32°F

Solubility in Water – Complete

Flash Point – >200°F

Active Ingredients

Water – 7732-18-5

Sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate – 25155-30-0

Sodium laureth sulfate – 9004 – 82-4

Sodium chloride – 7647-14-5

Directions for Use


1. Dilute 1 ounce of Pink Pot & Pan Detergent per gallon (1:128 ratio) of warm (100-120° F) water.

2. Place items in pre-soak solution and let stand until soils loosen.


1. Dilute 1 ounce per 3 gallons (1:384 ratio) of warm (100-120° F) water.

2. Wash items using a stiff, nylon bristled brush or scrub pad. Use a dull scraper to remove baked-on soils if needed.

3. Remove items.


Completely immerse items is clean water.


Use an appropriate hard food surface sanitizer, such as Franklin AQ+ Ultra, following label directions.

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