Regularly stripping your floors helps to remove built-up dirt and grime, making your floors shinier and safer. Our line of Franklin strippers is sure to be the perfect fit for your customers.

 Learn more about each product by clicking on the product photo below.

Most Popular

Razor is our most popular FullPro stripper. It works quickly to dissolve layers of floor finish. It doesn’t require rinsing, which makes it an easy floor stripping option. You can learn more about all of our floor strippers by clicking the photos below.

We have an extensive line of finishers and sealers so you can offer your customers the best products for their floors.

3V6 is our best selling finisher and sealer. 3V6 is formulated with VSP™ Technology and provides increased initial gloss and dramatically extended life with fewer coats of product on the floor. We have options that will impress any customer. You can read more about each product by clicking the product below.

Your customers’ floors are as unique as they are! With FullPro floor cleaners and maintainers, you can offer the perfect floor regime for every customer.

Our most popular floor cleaner is Concur. You can read more about each of our floor cleaning products by clicking on the product image.