Brown "Bee" Gone RTU

Brown “Bee” Gone RTU removes stains caused by coffee, detergent residue, red wine, rust, tea, tannin, urine and other browning type stains from carpet. Contains citric acid instead of harsh acids or solvents.

F374612 – 12/32 oz 

Use Information

Always thoroughly vacuum the carpet and remove any attached deposits from the carpet prior to use. If there is a question on the carpet’s colorfastness, always pretest in an inconspicuous area. Use for daily maintenance of carpets at schools, restaurants, nursing homes, offices, department stores, hospitals and hotels.

Directions for Use

1. APPLY Brown “Bee” Gone Ready-To-Use to the outer edges of the spot and on the spot or stain. Do not over-wet.

2. BLOT using a clean white cloth.

3. RINSE & BLOT using clean water and a clean white cloth.

4. REPEAT steps 1 through 3 if necessary.

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