#9 All Purpose Cleaner

Trumix® DC2 All Purpose Cleaner is formulated to clean effectively and is safer for the environment. All Purpose Cleaner is an ultra-concentrated, unscented cleaner that removes soil without the use of harsh chemicals. Formulated for use on all washable surfaces including all types of finished floors, painted walls, Formica®, vinyl, plastic and metal surfaces.

All Purpose Cleaner is extremely versatile and can be used in autoscrubbers, mop buckets and in spray bottles for general purpose cleaning. Packaged for use exclusively in the innovative, Trumix® DC2 Chemical Management System.

F690928 – 4/64 oz.

Use Information

The Trumix® DC2 bottle is preset to deliver a 1:512 ratio of All Purpose Cleaner solution to any appropriate end use container. Use the diluted product as directed below.

Product Specifications

pH –  8.0 ± 0.5

Appearance – Red Liquid

Fragrance – None Added

Solubility in Water – Complete

Flash Point – None

Directions for Use

Autoscrub Cleaning:

1. Dilute at 1/4 ounce per gallon (1:512 ratio) of cold water.

2. Scrub with a red pad. Apply scrub and pick up in one operation. Rinsing not required.

3.  Use clean water and mop/bucket to pick up any trails left from autoscrubber.

General Cleaning:

1. Dilute at 1/4 ounce to a gallon (1:512 ratio) of cold water in a spray bottle, pail or bucket.

2.  Spray or apply with a sponge, cloth or brush.

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