Momentum Ultra Durable Floor Finish

MomentumTM is an advanced technology floor coating specially formulated with our exclusive APT™

Polymer System. MomentumTM will provide exceptional durability, repairability and a beautiful wet look gloss while reducing labor costs and burnishing frequencies up to 50%.

MomentumTM is extremely resistant to abrasions such as scratching, scuffing and heel marking.

MomentumTM will not capture and embed soils, which results in less time to clean, less chemical to use and less overall cost to maintain while enjoying a high maintenance look.

9681 – 4/1 Gallon
9685 – 1/4 Pail
96855 – 1/55 Drum

Use Information

When used as directed, MomentumTM will allow up to a 50% reduction of burnishing in high-maintenance floor care programs while maintaining a
wet-looking gloss.

For use on vinyl, vinyl composite, asphalt, sealed concrete, terazzo and sealed wood.

Product Specifications

pH – 7.9 – 8.7

Appearance – Off white emulsion

Freezing Point – About 32°F

% Non-Volatile Solids – 18.5

% Total Solids – 24.0

Boiling Point – 212°F

Flash Point – None

Coverage – up to 3000 sq. ft. per gallon

Directions for Use

1. Remove old sealer/finish using a Fullpro stripper and following label directions. Before coating an old or porous floor use 2 coats of an Appearance® Admire sealer to seal the floor.

2. Apply a thin coat of MomentumTM using a clean Fullpro Finish Mop.

3. Allow 20 minutes drying time.

4. Apply a total of 4-6 thin coats allowing adequate drying time between each coat.

5. Burnish: Optional – following last coat after minimum 1-hour dry time.


1. Dust mop the floor several times daily. Remove gum, labels, and other attached soil deposits with a long-handled scraper or putty knife.

2.Damp mop or autoscrub daily using a FullPro cleaner/maintainer and following the label directions.

3. Burnish the floor 3-4 times per week with an ultra high speed machine (>2000 RPM) using an appropriate pad.


Water – 7732-18-5

NJ TSRN – 100555-5009

Diethylene glycol ethyl ether – 111-90-0

Tributoxyethyl phosphate – 78-51-3

Dipropylene glycol methyl ether – 34590-94-8

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