Mega Star Floor Finish

MegaStar™ is an all acrylic, metal cross-linked, self-sealing floor finish developed especially to deliver optimum performance in high-speed maintenance programs. MegaStar’s added durability allows for excellent appearance levels even in heavy traffic areas.

F330125 – 1/5 cube
F330138 – 1/55 drum

Use Information

Use MegaStar™ on all types of resilient surfaces, mineral surfaces and sealed wood. Examples include vinyl, vinyl composition asphalt, linoleum, rubber, terrazzo, quarry tile, unglazed ceramic and sealed wood.

Directions for Use

Initial Application:

1. Remove old sealer/finish using a Franklin stripper and following label directions.

2. Apply a thin coat of MegaStar™ using a clean finish mop.

3.  Allow 20-30 minutes drying time.

4. Apply 3-4 coats for best results. Allow adequate drying time between each coat.


1. Dust mop the floor. Remove gum, labels and other attached soil deposits with long-handleded scraper or putty knife.

2. Damp mop or autoscrub using a quality Franklin cleaner and following the label directions.

3. Burnish the floor with an appropriate pad and high-speed floor machine (1000-2000+RPM) or spray buff the floor with an electric machine to remove black heel marks, scuffs and scrapes.

Note: To avoid frequent stripping or as the finish begins to show wear, machine clean the floor, rinse and apply two thin coats of MegaStar

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