VP™ Vinyl Cleaner and Preservative is excellent for cleaning, polishing, and protecting vinyl upholstery, plastic, leather, fiberglass, vinyl cabinet tops and interiors, plastic wall tile, appliances, countertops and sinks. Scientifically formulated to provide surfaces a lustrous sheen.

F275012 – 12/32 oz.

Use Information

For use on vinyl, plastic, leather, fiberglass, plastic wall tile, appliances, counter tops, sinks and more.

Product Specifications

pH – 7.0 ± 0.5

Appearance – White, Milky Liquid

Fragrance – Leather

Freezing Point –  About 32°F

Solubility in Water – Complete

Flash Point – None to Boiling

Directions for Use

1 Clean gross soils from the surface to be treated.

2. Spray VP on the surface to be treated.

3. Wipe dry.

4. Reapply as needed to maintain a clean bright finish.

Active Ingredients

Water – 7732-18-5

Polydimethylsiloxane – 63148-62-9

Siloxane polyalkeneoxide copolymer – 68937-54-2

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