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Fuller Commercial Products is committed to providing a mutually beneficial opportunity for a limited number of qualifying distributors wanting to grow their business in true partnership with a national manufacturer.

Potential distributor candidates are identified, interviewed and qualified before being approved by Fuller Commercial senior management to ensure a win-win business proposition for both parties. Fuller considers distributor relationships long-term ventures so every effort is taken to ensure the best possible match between Fuller’s philosophies and a distributors culture, plans and goals from the very beginning. Teamwork, partnership, commitment and trust are the cornerstones for mutual business success between Fuller Commercial Products and your business.

Fuller Commercial is constantly expanding its market and looking for high-quality distributors. We offer four brands – Franklin, FullPro, Simple Hygiene and TruMix.

FullPro Distributors
FullPro Distributor Benefits
Protected distributor territories
Protected margins by less competition
Access to Franklin products
Access to Simple Hygiene products
Access to TruMix products
Franklin Distributors
Franklin Distributor Benefits
Access to wholesale partners
Large range of product options
Control costs with partners
Access to Simple Hygiene products
Access to TruMix products

We have been your trusted partner for more than 110 years. Throughout our history, we have experienced hiccups, as any century-old company will tell you. Our shipping times were a failure of ours in recent years. We have recovered from the problems that plagued us, and we are pushing for 100% on-time shipping. Below you can see our percentage of on-time shipping for the previous two months.

On-Time Shipping Analysis

At Fuller Industries, we understand the importance of your order arriving in a timely fashion. On time shipping to us means that your products leave our facility within four days of receiving your order.

Become a Distributor

Last Month's On-Time Shipping


Previous Month's On-Time Shipping

Distributor Resources

We create marketing messages and advertising pieces, including social media content for our distributors to use as a resource. As a Fuller distributor, you are welcome to use these tools to promote your business and the products you offer.

Current distributors – please use the password provided in order to access our Distributor Toolkit. If you haven’t received a password or lost it, please contact Haley Acker at